T. Michaé

Master Barber & Stylist

Tiffini B. is a professional barber & stylist servicing Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding cities. Her diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate the best of both men and women, inside and out. Tiffini aims to bring her knowledge to the proper care of hair care. Thus, she has developed a line of hair care products by the name of, Happy Nappy Hair.

“Let me love your tresses!”

Hi everyone,

I am Tiffini B., founder of T. Michaé & Co. First, allow me to say that I absolutely love the life of being a professional barber and hairstylist. Transforming my clients are just like playing with dolls.

For the last five years, I have been servicing Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding cities. I enjoy participating in hair shows and attending training classes throughout the year. My overall goal has been and will always be, healthy beautiful hair.

Come out and enjoy the T. Michaé experience! It is all about you!

Book your consultation today and let me love your tresses!

See you soon,

Tiffini B.

Master Barber & Hairstylist